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New Product – Tigerz11′s New(ish) Domin8r Winch

Tigerz11 have released an updated version of their popular budget electric winch.

The Domin8r, like the popular Tigerz11 Grande winch, is rated to 12,000 pounds. Though it is priced similarly to the existing Grande, Tigerz11 brags about its increased strength duty cycle and speed.


Ill admit, it seems very impressive it is done on a double line pull though.

12,000 pounds is about 5500 kilograms, or just over 5 tonnes. In Tigerz11′s winching video they are using a double line pull, effectively increasing the winch’s pulling power by a factor of two. It seems a little less impressive when you consider the fact that it was effectively pulling half of its 12,000 pound rating.

I would love to see the same test with a single line pull. If the winch was still cool enough to touch I would be very impressed.

The Domin8r includes a lifetime warranty on the motor and gearbox as opposed to 5 years on the Grande, and 12 months on the control box and solenoids. Interestingly Tigerz11 states that this warranty does not apply to damage caused by water.

It will be interesting, considering Tigerz11’s history with customer service, to see how well this warranty is upheld.


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